Day 1: Marianne Morris

Delirious Hem adventkalender is up! Where ALL the women are!

Check out day one of the calender to hear Marianne Morris read, ART WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE

Marianne Morris was born in Toronto in 1981, and raised in London. She studied English Literature at Newnham College, Cambridge and was the recipient of the Harper-Wood Studentship for Creative Writing from St. John’s College, Cambridge, in 2008. She is now undertaking research for a PhD at Dartington (University College Falmouth). Together with Jow Lindsay and Jonathan Stevenson she founded Bad Press in 2002. Her published poetry includes: Tutu Muse (Fly By Night Press, 2008); A New Book From Barque Press, Which They Will Probably Not Print (Barque Press, 2006); with Bad Press: Cocteau Turquoise Turning and Fetish Poems (2004); Gathered Tongue (2003); Memento Mori (2003); Poems in Order (2002).

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