should poetry be allowed to make money????

what does this actually say? I get more of a pro- join our troops sort of feeling...vs wearing levis... well, a join our troops in a very open happy hippie cool loving way! Is that possible???


Matt said...

i was thinking it's more "we are the troops", in a non-military metaphorical kinda way.

i like levi's, but wranglers are just as good.

DUSIE said...

ah ha!!!! i see it...but it seems heavily sexually laden but what isn't in advertising! Or Whitman... I guess I see a whole other landscape, the civil war, etc when old Walt would've been writing.

et said...

I guess what turned my stomach, when clobbered with this prior to a hard-earnt art-house matinee last weekend, was the punch in the face knowledge of poetry's most vibrant, received nowaday-use being in the selling of a brand, altho one must admit the combination the jeans and the poem is quite apt.

DUSIE said...

I think I share the same feelings with you Elizabeth, as I have very mixed feelings here too! It is unsettling esp as poetry is for the most part ignored, and finally made beautiful in a hip way for 'others' to understand? idk. so marketable, now, finally-- perhaps? will it make people buy jeans? i don't know, though levis are my favorite... but will it instigate a young hip nation of new beliefs, understandings and ideas to reexamine poetry?

et said...

I think they'll probably focus more on sex! Jane Campion's new movie makes poetry sexy in a real way.

Matt said...

I think what we have here is a case of parallel motives. Naturally the Levi company wants to sell jeans, which is fine with me, and the filmmakers are saying, hey, if we're gonna do an ad, might as well inject some art into it, yeah?

They're directed by actual filmmakers too. One just won Best Director at Sundance. I'm all for indie filmmakers having the chance to find exposure to a larger audience.

It's a hell of a lot better than your standard Bud Light commercial anyway.

This provides a little background:


(It's just too bad they didn't have the idea of commissioning a contemporary poet to write the script--sign me up! hehe.)