Dusie finally! has a badge... now I feel somehow responsible, like maybe I should post more, ummm like actually start posting again!

yes, this is big news...
and Dusie will,

Something this tantamount has not yet occurred to Dusie since the blogs inception, and of late I have been inspired by others who have also made the list, and higher than Dusie's ranking no less, the Pussipo-sita's in way of DHem! which Dusie will be curating the Advent Kalendar again for 2009, check out 2008

I have also really been enjoying Anne Boyer's new literary blog, Books of Poetry which has inspired me to actually start doing more close reads, regularly of what I have been reading, and so should you!


Matt said...

good job. i'm at 290.

133 people are less famous than you and more famous than me.

DUSIE said...

I am in good company!!!!!!

DUSIE said...

fame!!! tralala, so overrated... ;0