I often have reoccurring dreams...not really ever quite the same dream, but the same scenario or physical place, the same strange need. It happened again early this morning, to which I awoke in a sweat. The dream entailed finding the room in my parents house which doesn't really exist, but in many dreams I have found the secret door or switch which leads the way. In this particular dream it was after I had been in the cottage attached to my parents house (which I have dreamt of before but also does not exist). There my cousin (who kept changing between two cousins, was being confrontational about how disorderly the cottage and house were (although that would never be the case in my mother's house) And my cousins would never get so upset over such trivial things anyway. I found myself in the house of my parents later, the old farm house which once had many rooms which my grandfather knocked the walls down of many after first buying the house in the 60's. They also had another house on the same property, and finally bought the house from the owner, the original cat lady, I think her name was Mrs Sherman, though not absolutely certain. Her daughter was called Isabella. So when entering the house much was amiss their. I met a friend, who was not a friend in the dream and she was drunk and weird and with an even drunker weirder guy. She wanted my scarf, which is long, thin and of a black cotton material. I did not want to give it to her. But she really wanted something of mine, and so I suggested we swap something, for which it was decided fair to swap her necklace, which had a miniature house on it and seemed valuable. Strange stuff then occurred, her freaky boyfriend frightened us. We hid from him in plain site by remaining absolutely still and not breathing. Then I proceeded to go upstairs to the set of rooms I had to crawl thru a sort of ante-chamber room to get to. Inside was my bedroom, another fictional room which I have dreamt of before, but it often varies in its state, sometimes more dilapidated than other times. Others I knew from high-school, one girl in particular whom I never really liked, or trusted showed up naked and wouldn't leave, she wanted the house necklace and I wouldn't give it to her. She balanced precariously on the windowsill, threatening that she would jump. I was so sick of her by the end I nearly let her. But instead had to restrain her from jumping. The wallpaper was peeling, at another point I was in my old neighborhood, basically salvaging furniture from the street and even took something I really didn't think was for free, a set of wind chimes, i didn't seem to care about getting caught. Also, somewhere in the dream I lost one sea-glass earring (sea-glass from Narragansett and there was some symbolic importance I forgot soon upon waking)

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