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Avante writing vs Mainstream writing...



any questions?


Mark said...

While Mina Loy is certainly the George Washington of the U.S. Avant Garde, to be fair, the vast majority of even mainstream poets are politically left, and thus placed pretty far away from that lamest of ducks. I mean, I'm sure there's a few, Dana Gioia. etc., but to equate the Bush regime with *any* kind of art (or any sort of intellectual pursuit at all, really.)

To continue to be fair, most art movements that have been supportive of totalitarian regimes have come from the avant-garde. Consider Italian & Russian Futurism, etc. Although the German fasciscts' taste was pretty mainstream and pedestrian c.f. The Degenerative Art show at the Hausderkunst. I'm sure there's some kind of weird-ass neo-formalist group out there you could align with Bush, but they'd be no more mainstream than we are.

Word verifiaction: "ripessod."

DUSIE said...

Oh Mark, I knew I could count on you! Yeah, Dub is extreme, to be fair but I couldn't think of a poet I actually wanted to post here...so I lamed out, I suppose...but I was thinking more economically of course. Poetry just doesn't sell. Does it?