So you voted for Obama, right? You want to celebrate? What better way than purchasing a Dusie Book? Because it really is about the poetry, I have found some of Dusie's Books for sale at 17% lower than the regular rate! Crazy, I know, and I don't know how they do it...

The Stunt Double in Winter, Robyn Art from $10.81 here, from $12.80 (with free s&h options), from $11.78 at Tower (same free s&h for orders over 25.)
Cornstarch Figurine, Elizabeth Treadwell from $13.00, here (free s&h options) or from $12-$129! Why the outrageous mark-up? Perhaps these were spirited with holy-water or signed!

The Singers, Logan Ryan Smith from $8.65-$31!

Strata, Joe Ross here
In the Bird Museum, Kristy Bowen here

All courtesy of Dusie Press...

more soon!

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