palin denounces blazevox???

this seems to surreal to be true... googled this and found the following article today after reading it on a list...

October 9, 2008

Sarah Palin denounces BlazeVOX [books]

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In an odd twist on the campaign trail, Gov. Sarah Palin made a viscous attack on America’s cultural landscape, specifically mentioning BlazeVOX [books] a Buffalo, NY based publisher, as “Anti-American and unpatriotic.”

Standing before a sea of red T-shirts and homemade signs reading “No Communists!” and “Palin’s Pitbulls,” Ms. Palin on Tuesday nestled in to her Republican base. Ms. Palin struck at some of the same themes, portraying BlazeVOX [books] as a liberal poetry outlet with a “left-wing agenda that’s packaged and prettied up to look good like mainstream poetry.”

Mentioning poets as Kent Johnson, Michael Kelleher, Anne Waldman, Ted Greenwald, and others; and identifying BlazeVOX [books] founder and publisher, Geoffrey Gatza, as the man Cheney should have shot in the face!

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Matt said...

Haha...a "viscous attack"...I suppose some poetry could be described that way...


1. Having relatively high resistance to flow.
2. Viscid; sticky.

Looks like we're firmly in the age of Issue 1.

DUSIE said...

yes, and i bet you have just coined a phrase, my friend! The Age of Issue 1