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"As the title suggests this is a sequence of articulations on the enduring themes of loss, separation, and messy love: love is always messy. But Gardner does not indulge in the easy clichés of introspection or confession: here she conjures up an hypnotic, somnambulistic symphony of exquisite desolation. 'No man is an island' wrote John Donne but Gardner knows that is only a half truth, especially if you are a woman. Against a backdrop of the sea the breaking waters of waves and birth crash through these pages with a contradictory melancholic joy. Her island is inescapable but it has a bird and it is shot through with the vitality of colour and the colour of tenacious life. Disturbingly beautiful." --Geraldine Monk

"Architecturally wild and sturdy, Gardner's book comes from a place beyond fear and despair, from a place of deep proclivity, which is where poetry becomes ancient, modern, and new."
--Elizabeth Treadwell

"Susana Gardner’s [lapsed insel weary] is an extended social lyric of longing that refuses isolation because the "grandmany" is all around, in ancestry and memory and books and shared future. Gardner’s is a language that recovers itself—lace re-tatted, a house rebuilt—and there is grandeur in the recovery. This is poetry full of heart and intelligence." --Carolyn Forché


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