SoundEye 12
a festival of the arts of the word

Cork, Ireland

July 3 - 6, 2008

Ireland's premier festival of poetry, the avant-garde, and text-based art and performance, continues to grow in size and scope. This year, the international group of almost thirty poets visiting Cork City include Kenneth Goldsmith, founder of the cult website Ubuweb, who will also give a presentation on electronic curation, as well as Tom Raworth, Tom Pickard, Alison Croggon and Catherine Wagner.

The Alternative Cabaret will include a viola da gamba consort, performance from the London-based Bonney – Kruk – Lindsay – Robinson axis, art-noise band KFDS, a twenty-minute opera, the ever-popular Polskadots and many more. New this year is an exhibition of text-based art, with work from Nissan Prize Winner, Dan Shipsides, and from Maggie O'Sullivan and Justin Katko. Add to this an Open Mike session, transferred from a regular slot in Providence, Rhode Island, with MC Mairéad Byrne, and Cork can look forward to an exciting four days of art, poetry and exchange.

SoundEye happens between Thursday July 3rd (when the exhibition opens in The Black Mariah gallery on Washington Street) and Sunday 6th. The Firkin Crane will host most readings. The Alternative Cabaret will kick off at 8.30 p.m. in The Other Place, Paradise Place (between Washington Street and North Main Street) on the 4th of July.

Alison Croggon • Andrew Zawacki • Catherine Wagner • Dan Shipsides • Daniel Ereditario • David Toms • Fanny Howe • Frances Kruk • Jason Hirons • Jim Maughn • Jow Lindsay • Justin Katko • Kenneth Goldsmith • KFDS • Maggie O'Sullivan • Mairéad Byrne • Mark Weiss • Matthew Geden • Maurice Scully • Peter Manson • The Polskadots • Randolph Healy • Sean Bonney • Sophie Robinson • Susana Gardner • Tom Pickard • Tom Raworth • Trevor Joyce • et al.

Free admission to all events except the Alternative Cabaret and the session on electronic curation.

Programme of events coming shortly . . .

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rodney k said...

This looks fun, Susana. Glad to see you among the company. Don't do anything Wilde wouldn't do.

dusie said...

I shall certainly try to!