when does a long poem simply become a book...are poets of serial poetry perhaps meant to write stories or novels instead? is it wrong to screw up genres?


mark wallace said...

1) When the whole poem is bound into one book.

2) In some cases yes, in some no.

3) No.

DUSIE said...

thanks prof! i love the devilish feeling number 3 insights!

Providence said...

I'll throw my hat in:

1) When "chapters" won't do, e.g. Lyn Hejinian's _A Border Comedy_.

2) No one is meant to do anything, which is why serial forms can lend unity as well as ambiguities. Narrative forms of prose fiction such as stories and novels aren't, in my estimation, necessarily "serial" in the sense that most poets use that term.

3) They are asking for it.


DUSIE said...

danke P.,-
per 3, oh yes, I too agree! I guess in terms of serial poetry, at the moment of writing this post, I was thinking, deeper or longer investigation (fixation) or process perhaps than any 1 page could ever give a poem or concept thereof, and so that led me to think of traditional chapter writing and/or story. alas, this only ever leads to more musings.