Issue 10 of onedit is out today.


Kyle Storm Best-Chetwynde / Dog Puke
Lara Buckerton / TEN POEMS
Alan Davies / 7 Poems
Mark DuCharme / from Projections
Laurie Duggan / January
Allen Fisher / marbles
Judith Goldman / Poems, 8-25
Alan Halsey / Dee & Kelley's Celestial Handbook
Jeff Hilson / from In The Assarts
Justin Katko / Love Poems Holodecke
John Lowther / from The Stoppages
John Seed / Poems
Betty Stork / bicinium

There is also an extensive reviews and links section.


Previous issues contain work by (amongst others)
Jackson Mac Low, Clark Coolidge, Alice Notley, Lisa
Jarnot, Miles Champion, Sean Bonney, Kit Robinson,
Eleni Sikelianos, Tom Raworth, Jean Day, Raymond Queneau,
Stephen Rodefer, Johnathan Skinner, Brian Kim Stefans,
Kent Johnson, Michael Gizzi, Rob Fitterman, Merrill Gilfillan,
P.Inman, Ray Di Palma, Harry Gilonis


With thanks and all bests from Tim Atkins (Editor)

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