from the desk of YPOLITA!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the BRAND NEW ypolita press update email list!

Available now: Filament Sense by William Allegrezza:

Read some poems from Filament Sense.

Also, still available: Gothenburg by Arielle Guy.

Excerpt on the site, and here.

And still available:

The Frank Poems by CAConrad, the English/German bilingual edition. German translations by Holger, with assistance from Jonas Slonacker and Sigrid Mayer.

The full length manuscript, which will be published by Chax press in 2008, has recently won the Gil Ott Book Award Competition!!


And finally, available as print on demand, at pre-postal hike prices!

Trades are always welcome! Review copies are available! As are copies for your supercool bookstore.

And please let me know if you don't want to receive any more poetry updates, and I will take you off the list, and pray for your damned poetryless soul.

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