the year at a glance

productivity wise, 2007 was a good year. i haven't accomplished all that is on the list to be checked off but i am still at work at many manifold tasks and accomplishments... THE SINGERS came out with Dusie this past spring, alongside many wee things many of which are still forthcoming... too many to list here and now as the fireworks go on outside my window here in Winterthur. Yes, we moved nearer civilization! Alas, we have already given notice here as this place is too small...who knows where the wind will take us. Books forthcoming very shortly include Robyn Art's, Stunt Double in Winter and Anne Blonstein's Butterflies and the Burnings. Also my new book is shortly forthcoming...

Einer Guten Rutsch! (the clock has just struck)

many new books coming on top of these two, but those shall be announced shortly.

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