kollektiv sounds better

Last spring I thought of the whole kollektiv thing, it just came to me in Spring. Yes, Spring should always be capitalized. I have used the kollektiv handle this whole while, only tonight did I wonder if that was really the correct German translation. Many words
are so similar to English (or it's the other way around, hehe) and just add an accent and there you go, your now speaking German! Well, I looked it up tonight, because I have noticed English speakers have a problem spelling it. Still thinking it was German, well it isn't! It is Swedish, Norwegian& Danish! No wonder English speakers are having trouble, their like, hmmm, this isn't German, how the hell shall I spell it...German has come to me in a force-fed fashion, I never chose to learn it beforehand, I just had to as I assimilated here, and this is actually Swiss German, not hoch-Deutsch! The crazy thing is when I imitate my father, he still has a RI accent (even when I'm saying the story in German!) though das kollektiv is German, it means more of a farm organization, like the grange? the direct translation for kollektiv is vereint.


Hayes said...

I certainly enjoy hearing that there is a reference to a farm or farms or a farm "organization" embedded within the kollektiv...vive Kollektiv!

DUSIE said...

well, my last name is GARDNER! And I come from farm peeps as well... I like the whole scope of kollektivism... das oder nicht!