differx said...

i didn't remember the year of wuthering heights was 1978.

so i was nine the first time i listened to it. GOSH! can't believe.

still one of my favourite songs.

wonderful lovely k.b.

Mark said...

Word to KB. I still listen to that stuff. Even though kids made fun of me in the 80's for it. "The Dreaming" is the best. record. ever.

P.S. How close are you to Munich?

DUSIE said...

2 hours or so. why are you planning to come thisaway?

Mark said...

Yeah, Rachel and I will be in Munich from Dec. 26 to Dec. 31 and then in Berlin from Dec. 31 to Jan 6.

If you know Munich at all, any advice as to things like vegetarian restaurants, bookstores, galleries, etc. I'd love to hear at some point!

We are planning on going to Dachau, so I don't know if that puts us closer to you than 2 hours.

DUSIE said...

i don't know Munich at all...but if you both take a trip to CH I'd love to meet up!