well, if spring makes me anagramic it also makes me latent. tho i finally finished up some very important things and moved, so hopefully more will come shortly. i've taken to the scooter of late. Our new neighborhood neighbors on the strange. I have seen more than one person walking their cat/s (sans leash) so has H., the cat appreciationdoesn't stop there, there are very complex ladders built so cats can come and go as they feel, sometimes as high up as the third floor! I like being in the 'city' again, as small as this one is, there is certainly a vibrancy that exists differently from that of a small town/village on the edge of the black forest. In some small way, I do feel like I've returned from the edge of the world.

and be advised not to mess with the real miss usa as the others do not compare and if your reading this E.,- this story should gives you a few charmes, me thinketh!

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rodney k said...

I think Pynchon would have a field day with the Swiss cat-o-philia. Little ladders!