should you be in the city tonight....

go go go go! and reports, please! have yet to see the anthology!

(announcement from Fence themselves)

Come on out to the Poetry Project tonight for a launch party and reading for Not for Mothers Only: Contemporary Poems on Child-Getting and Child Rearing.

This anthology brings to light the many strong, scary, gorgeous motherhood poems bring written right now–poems that address the politics and difficulties and stubborn satisfactions of mothering–while also publishing earlier poems that opened the space in which this new work might appear. Readers will include Rachel Zucker, Deborah Landau, Kimiko Hahn, Ann Lauterbach, Camille Guthrie, Caroline Crumpacker, Nicole Cooley, Marie Howe, Alicia Ostriker, Miranda Field, Kathleen Ossip, Rebecca Wolff, Claudia Keelan and Catherine Wagner.

and get your copy for a nice discount! The perfect Mother's Day gift!

8 pm Tonight
The Poetry Project
131 E. 10th St. New York NY 10003 212-674-0910 info@poetryproject.com

wish i could be there!

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