my way to coffee pot at about 5:30 a.m.
a 10 fr note in my jean pocket
...and this must've been there a long time!
myself out with Jasper walking
for over an hour
thanks to j.,- a new path along the river and ended up in
the neighboring village, Wulflingen
a nest (a bit tattered but sweet)
a wee shelf, which Stella claimed for her own upon our return,
saying she will be painting it
she then had a wee fit and did not want to go to school, but instead
stay home alone with Jazzy and paint her shelf
scooting my way through
winterthur and then Stettbach
trembling whilst reading the fab fab
translation by Jen Hofer of poetry Laura Solorzano's Lip Wolf,
...its on the line with Portugal, The Canary Islands, the UK, Ireland, Italy and
now what sounded appalacian, woot!lalala

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