finally have my new address. we will be moving tomorrow morning, well the first couple of loads. our new neighborhood is really cute, and while not my victorian dream, it is certainly in a victorian era sort of neighborhood, we just live in a converted fabrik building! more my speed apparently. the winterthur poolhalle is just next door...i mean like 10 steps! stella's future kindergarten (if we are there in 2 years) is also in an old victorian house and just around the corner as is the food store. the neighborhood seems lively, people are out and about doing their thing, whereas here in Schaffhausen, at least Birch anyway got to experience a fire, in my building! actually the apartment conjoining ours! hours outside while waiting for the firemen to put out all that smoke.


mark wallace said...

Well, you may not be moving into the yellow house, but your itinerant poet friends are still coming to visit you in your very attractive new digs. Change your name or beware.

DUSIE said...

:) hehehe... come on come all! Switzerland needs some more lively poets! I may also try and curate a reading series at a very neat underground cafe bookstore/gallery, taking international tour dates soon ; )