bespeaker faery's calling yr name...........

CALLING ALL DUSIE POETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The kollektiv is coming together once again and I need a show of hands!!!!!!!! If you have had your work in Dusie or it is forthcoming! (this includes all aspects of Dusie, weechaps too!) consider yourself invited to take part in the annual chap-kollektiv extravaganza!

Backchannel moi via, dusieli@yahoo.com to be signed up for the listserv today!

Unless invited by me, you must have published in Dusie or have work forthcoming...

Some things you must be in store for:

being a part of a group-project (group dialogue via post and email)
getting daily emails via the listserv (and hopefully contributing when possible)
receiving mail nearly everyday for 2 months from other poets!
publishing yr chap the way you imagine it...
blood, sweat&tears people...
sending yr chap out to ALL of the participants within the specified time-frame given
doing the sufficient print run+++ (to send them out to reviewers too)

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