und mehr von der sangfroider...

1944. Emily Critchley, "Genealogy"1945.
Sarah Mangold, "Dragon from an ordinary well"
1946. Amy King, "The New State Salute"
1947. Aaron Anstett, "Prayer for Recompense"
1948. Scott Bentley, "Glaciated Straits, Underway"
1949. Michelle Greenblatt & Sheila Murphy, "17"
1950. Dustin Williamson, "the sub par sub sand wich"**
1951. Laynie Browne, "G Dictionary Sonnet"
1952. Robyn Art, "Dear Jilted Bride"
1953. Robyn Art, "Dear Emancipated Minor"
1954. Christopher Rizzo, "Thread That Needle, Baby"
1955. Christopher Rizzo, "Playing Rookie"
1956. Elizabeth Horner, "Floridian Denial"
1957. Sarah Anne Cox, "'My Hello Kitty' Motherhood"
1958. George Kalamaras, "From the Book of Tongues (11)"
1959. Rick Snyder, "Preproprioceptive"
1960. Tim Morris, "House Sitting"**
(1944-60 in Dusie 3)

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