from equanimity, 2006 oder sangfroid,

1916. Elizabeth Treadwell, "Ladyless"
1917. Elizabeth Treadwell, "waverly"
1918. Elizabeth Treadwell, "vlur vain"
1919. Cheryl Quimba, "Sequence"
1920. Patrick Durgin, "Too Automatic Mummers: A Romance"
1921. Brian Campbell, "Caesura"
1922. Anne Blonstein, "les oases des patres s'endeuillent"
1923. Jenna Cardinale, "A Marriage"
1924. Jenna Cardinale, "The Determined Formulation of a Vow"
1925. Mark Lamoureux, "Al Nair"
1926. Mark Lamouruex, "Arneb"
(1916-26 in Dusie 2)

I love the land of make-believe. But the question I have is this, has any poet listed in the said imaginary anthology acknowledged this in their book? I think they should!

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Mark said...

I'm not sure I understand what you mean; do you mean, acknowledging in the acknowledgements section of my book that the poem hypothetically appeared in Jordan's hypothetical anthology. The answer to that is no, because this is the first I've heard of it. I didn't realize I was in the imaginary anthology until quite recently.