Boykoff is the new Sexy

...poem of the year....
Boykoff is the new Sexy....as said by the great soothsayer...CA... very cool, check the link for a sweet sexy excerpt from Commandment #8...from his most excellent book, Once Upon a Neoliberal RocketbadgeEDGE, 2006...a must have for 2006....it still isn't too late to be enlighted people, this is THE new fairytale of the post-post 20th Century.

& in way of Julio, I post this lovely pic of our president comprised of the first 1000 soldiers killed under his command...I found this on Eileen's blog, not sure who the artist is unfortunately.


CLAY BANES said...

By the way, CA is always correct.

et said...

let's not forget that Jules is the inspiration for the fragrance Jules Notorious, available from Emily Mann's Escential Lotions & Oils, on Hawthorne in Portland, OR.