bookbooks, chapbooks and more, 2007.

*Dredging for Atlantis, Eileen Tabios, Otoliths, 2006. The 'official' first bookbook received in in 2007!
* Birds and Fancies, Elizabeth Treadwell Shearman Books, 2007. This an absolutely gorgeous book and a suprise to get it direct fromElizabeth! I am excited to immediately dig in! (like in a few minutes!)
(without a doubt this will surely be a top ten book of 2007...it is fabulous and Elizabeth has done it once again! Bravo! Tony Frazer is also congratulated again here for a job well done!)
*Parcel, Sarah Anne Cox, O Books, 2007
*66 WAKE UP CALLS, Wanda Phipps, Soft Skull, 2004
*Jen Hofer trans of Laura Solorzano, Lipwolf....Action Press, 2006
*Anne Boyer's, Good Apocolypse, Effing Press*WHITE FUNGUS, a cool zine !
*Cathy Wagner, Miss America, Fence 2002
*Cathy Wagner, Macular Hole, Fence 2005
*Cathy Wagner, Hotel Faust, West House Books, 2001

*Invocation, Gale Czerski

and many many darling lovely grande 4 squares...

*Z e n, Jessica Smith...Chez Lulu, 2007(downloadable...this is on my wish list!) very cool.

*Navigate, Amelia Earharts Letter's Home, Rebecca Loudon, No Tell Books, 2006

*UTERINE SOUFFLE, Christine Kennedy, A Lean-To Edition from The Cherry On The Top Press, 2007. Sheffield, UK. This is an unbelievable tiny book, elaborate and simply beautiful. Kennedy is an amazing poetical hybrid writer! I love her work.
*19 Nights in San Francisco, Christine Kennedy, 2007. West House Books & The Cherry On the Top Press.

dusi/e-chaps, 2007! (in order received!)

*Ray Farr, Two Hats Appear when Applauded, dusi/e-chap, 2007
*Anne Boyer, Selected Dreams (with a note on phrenology) dusi/e-chap, 2007
*Bronwen Tate's SOUVENIRS, dusi/e-chap, 2007
*Sawako Nakayasu's Insect Country (B), dusi/e-chap, 2007
*The Singer and Others, Eileen Tabios *a dusi/e-chap, 2007 (wrapped in newspaper, neatly strung with twine &sealed with a kiss..Eileen has put forth so much inspiring effort and time into this project...a very grande handmade gesture,now to dig into it more!)
* Memory/Incision, Joseph Cooper, *a dusi/e-chap, 2007. so delicate, I at first thought it a broadside...I happily found myself soon with 3 very different chaps in way of covers and style. like the innards of a book revealed these all very semi-kitschy covers utlizing old newsprint ephemera...side seam with a delicate sewed lining.
*An Instant of Flight, Anne Heide, *a dusi/e-chap, 2007. if Joe's was delicate, this is even more so. tidily packaged in a 'cover jacket/envelope with an attached sealing string enclosure) this chap is seamless, and appears on close inspection to have been handsewn! I love the different interpretations which are developing in this project!

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