Wee is good, wee is real good and cheaper to mail, but but but I have been having some second thoughts in terms of legibility for some readers but more especially to save myself from utter madness. I have been having printing problems and at this point can only resolve it by printing larger, which is still not all that large and still by and by FAR smaller than most chaps...sigh. the bird notes pictured are on their merry way. Unless I can easily adjust this situation with size and whatnot, I am going to have to raise the price a bit, maybe $4 per chap. Sigh! (loudly) I want these to be affordable, but I also have to cover costs and hopefully make some for the press (this goes towards paying fees for Dusie. I am also thinking about selling the wee-chaps in sets of 3. If you want to pay in advance for the whole set, I will give you the original price of $3.00 bucks per book + shipping... so head over to etsy and purchase some wee-chaps while they're still hot! I will keep what is already up at 3.00 ( for the time being! )


et said...

Hey lady -- $4 is all right!


DUSIE said...

exactly! so does that mean you're ordering the first 3 ;)

did you do a close up on those envelopes? the British are coming, the British are coming! And buying up wee-things... I like it!

DUSIE said...

oh and et, where is yr pic? hmmm???