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On the Fly, Amy King FLUX de Bouche Publishing

(I just received it and it is really sweet...um, but isn't this a chapbook? This does not look like a chapbook Ms. King, but a bookbook! Page count (altho there is sneakily no numbers and cover seem very booklike to me) Can't wait to read it and write more, I will update the bookbook vs chapbook theory on this one.

I Have Not Been Able to Get Through To Everyone, Anna Moschovakis, Turtle Point Press. This is a beauty! And I am very happy to come across Anna and her quite distinct style of poetry. I want to see more now. I have read it through once, I will read it again soon as I hope to do a write-up. Thanks Anna!

another tiny letter into a meddle:

HUE, Mirrored Poems by: Susanne Dyckman
"water : watching" Susanne Dyckman "the woman in white" by Elizabeth Robinson

Response: Response:

"seam: receding, returning" "strategies for cerulean"
by Elizabeth Robinson Susanne Dyckman

Michelle Auerbach & Catherine Wagner (am unfinished conversation)

MacawMacaw Press.

This book gratefully was sent from Paul Klinger, and I got it a couple of weeks ago, and I can't believe I haven't posted about it as it is really one of the most beautiful books I have ever received. It opens two ways and so, while not a Jacobs Ladder, it is semi-accordian-like, on the inverse side, opposite that of poetry and poetics is thew most unusual and cool repurposed book art, using old pages to create envelopes which contain all sorts of interesting things, including vellum prints with interesting and funny quotes about publishing as well as answers to 3 basic questions about bookmaking by Jaime Robles.

I will try and take some pics later, but i better run, or I'll miss the bus!!!!


lest I forget, and I shouldn't... a very impressive chap, Dismissal and Reverence from Danny Rivera, self-published... so many poets are choosing to self-publish now and its a really interesting thing, this chap would have easily been published had the poet wanted to go that route, but I am thinking he wanted control over its presentation and whatnot as he did the cover art and layout...he also has an intro from a philosopher...I hope to do a review for the Dusie blog, tho if anyone is anxious to do a review let me know and I'll put you in touch with the author.

more soon.

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