in galatea's purse...

of which I've already rummaged in and am embarrassed to rummage more without submitting my reviews, 2 of which I've commited for the next issue. Free poetry people, what better way to get it...okay so you need to participate a bit, and?

Cornstarch Figurine, Dusie 2006 is there! Go get that copy now and write a review ! Galatea

There are so many books on that list, just go there, you will see many names you know and many you don't. Better hurry before I write my reviews and ask for more! Oh and several Dusie chaps still looking for reviews....

Deadline is November 12th, so you might have time if you act quick...or maybe you already have one of these books and just want to write? Write. Dammit. Write.

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