HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jessica Smith and Wanda Phipps!

And Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad, who have been married 36 years today!

received today:

this is so beautiful! thank you Jess, and it isn't my birthday! I love EDNA!!!! I am very touched and happy! How ever did you know?

I also received the last issue of 4SQ, it is very cute and has some great innards, both in way of poetries, visual poetries, collage, interior cover-work and more! Very impressed! And so excited to get
the next one! Sure, I'm in it! But also because, well, I am always excited to get these beauties.

and of late:

String of Small Machines via HOUSE PRESS, this is a really beautiful issue, with a gorgeous cover.

TRACELAND, Mark Lamoureux, Transmission Press.

TRAFFIC, issue 2 Small Press Traffic, Elizabeth Treadwell, ed,-

Rain Taxi, Summer and fall issues.

Also,- sent in the mail!
to: Jared, Helen, Lisa (Tom, yr sis!), Tom R(again, as it came back?) Tomtom, Julio&Kaia...and I think that's all...

the sets are really almost sold all out as sets! I have three more complete sets (meaning 1, 2 and 3) and that will be all...I may do special 2nd print runs later next year for a very special event, but that is still up in the air, and it won't be easy to get there So, if you are like really wanting the whole Dusie wee-set, you better go and reserve yr copy now!!!

more soon.


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