LOTTO, by Kaia Sand is3.5"/3.5* (if you wish to purchase both, please let me know and I will ship 2 for one. Kaia's chap is running out after it's debute in Cambridge with only 10 left! (don't worry Eileen I've put yours aside! :)

and Gringostroika, by Jules Boykoff

Each chap is hand-made and so will vary from chap to chap but all in each series will be similar and numbered 1-33.

Watch this store, as there will be 33 separate chaps in this series, look here for the phenomenally cheap price of 3 dollars each +s&h (but if you order two or more I will combine any shipping costs, and that deal also stands for other items)

stay tuned for wee-chaps forthcoming by Yedda Morrison, Wanda Phipps and Tom Orange!

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EILEEN said...

Yes! Just send them to in groups or however makes sense!

Look forward,