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well, no not just, but I have so many new books and chaps to enter, that I have been postponing doing just that, and then there are those easy, generic posts (see obituary below)

many manied things, all of which I have already read or look to read soon.

Cuntomatic, Sir Francis Crot (ala Jow Lindsay???) Yt Communication, October 2006

Clobber, frances kruk, Yt Communication, June 2006

Document: hexprogress Sean Bonny, Yt Communication, May 2006

killin` kittenish, sophie robinsion, Yt Communication, October 2006.

from this same press??? not sure, but I found the above mentioned Sir Francis/Jow , editor? of YT Communication, dispensing anti-war leaflets into some Dusie books!

SKALD, Issue 23 2006, editors Zoe Skoulding and Ian Davidson. (This is a beautiful serial hailing from Wales, which appears to also have Welsh translations as well inside)

Possessions, Christine Kennedy, The Cherry on the Top Press, 2003.

HIVING THE SOL THE FEMININE MONARCHIE REVISTED Or AN OPERA AND BALLET NOTATION CONCERNING BEES AND THE DUE ORDERING OF THEM WHEREIN The truth, found out by experience and diligent observation by Charles Butler, published 1609, is reworked to idle and fond conceipts, written about this subject. --Christine Kennedy, At Sheffield, A Supplement to The Paper, Issue 2, September 2001. (if one Christine Kennedy ever so feels so abliged to name and bequest a few titles my way, perchance...I would with most certain persuasion and conviction NEVER fail to be hitherto &EVERSO APPRECIATIVE in her most gracious precense...as this one herein rocks!)

Escafeld Hangings, Geraldine Monk, West House Books, 2005 (this is a beautifully made book and I am certain that the inside lives up to the outside. Ms. Monk gave a fantastic reading in Cambridge btw!)

&, Carolyn Bergvall, Equipage 2004

When I say I believe Women... Emily Critchley, Bad Press, 2006 (as in hot off the press, got it the day it was printed even, I believe) The chap is fantastic, and multi-texted in a very clever gesture toward multiple readings, the writing rocks as well!)

Verassungspatriotisthmus1, BadPressSerials 2.2, July 2005. Editors Jow Lindsay, Marianne Morris and Jonathan Stevenson

string theories, kai fierle-hedrick, BAD PRESS, 2005

Aching for Mango Friends, Jacinta Galea`i, Tin Fish Press, 2006

When the Plug Gers Unplugged, Kim Hyesoon (translation by Don Mee Choi) Tin Fish Press, 2005.

hamburger, poems by Steve Carll, Tinfish Press, 2002
portraits, parables. Susan Schultz, Tinfish Press, 2005

Pig Cupid: an homage to Mina Loy ANON. Parataxis Editions, 2000. Ed. Drew Milne "30 poets from UK, Canada, US, AU and Ireland were invited to contribute to an anonymous collection of love lyrics by way of homage to Mina Loy, responding in some way to her Songs to Johannes (I)." This is a sweet little find or steal as it might have been, I´m sorry, okay, whoever that was that I pretty much just stole this from, demandingly, but I just had to have it, alright? Thanks to Keith Tuma, who seemed to understand the whole sordid event...

PlantarchyOne, edited by jUStin!katKO, 2006. Beautiful journal, stocked full, glad to have it!

Lest I forget, THESE PASSAGES ARE MARKED BY WOMEN: Anthology of the Contemporary
Experimental Women´s Festival, 2006. (Title taken from Kaia Sand´s poem, this poem is for the woman I have yet to meet, which is in her book, Interval & dedicated to moi) with an amazing introduction written and given at the said fest by Emily Critchley who virtually organized and put together this whole fab happening, with help from Catherine Brown, I´m really grateful that it´s included and to have been apart of the whole event!

MEDIATED; Carol Mirakove, Factory School, 2006. I´ve only just started to read Mirakove´s, Mediated, and it has already hooked me in. She has such a great, uncomparable voice, I think. After I finish this one, I´m heading over to Kelsey Street to get her first book.

from my jaunt in the yorkshire moors,

BRONTEAN ABSTRACTS, The Bronte Society, 2006 (cannot seem to do oomlauts on this keyboard)

in the mail soon after my return!

Base to Carry, Elizabeth James, Barque Press, 2002.

also in week prior to my departure,

two books from Transmission Press, 908 - 1078 - by Brandon Brown, and Parker Zane Allen´s collection of writing in Small Town PZA 9... the description of which website reads, "SMALL TOWN PZA is dedicated solely to the work of Parker Zane Allen. Parker was a fiction writer among poets for his deep sensitivity, control of brevity, and the musical approach he often took toward his fluid and dancing prose. Parker was a friend taken away from us far too soon, and this issue is a tribute to him and all that he has given us. All proceeds made from SMALL TOWN PZA go directly toward the publication of Parker Zane Allen’s collected works. This issue is letter-half in size, with a red paper cover and grey endpapers to match Parker’s beloved ball club, the Boston Red Sox. It’s staplebound and 25 pages long." and this is such a bittersweet read, because it is fresh and has the reader hoping for more...

I think that is all..now I just need more time to let it all settle in a bit. OH, and many many wee scripts, thank you all...hopefully, I will kick into gear for those next week. The Mac will be back Friday. I am typesetting these weewee darlings...really! Fresh out of Kaia Sand´s LOTTO, I have to still make about 13 more, so if you want to order your copy, do so soon, because actually only 11 are left of that yet to be made batch... Lotto is the first we/e chap in a series of 33 poets, all of which are scheduled to send me their weeventures and mini-books throughout the year. My 33rd year. all of which are 3 dollars plus s&h ... donations toward Dusie Press, and future projects, etc are also welcome.

Stay tuned for an incredible likeness of Ezra... Tom Raworth seems to be channeling Ezra in some of the pics from Cambridge... All in due time.

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