Adieu Schaffhausen, Good Morning England!!!

Here's Queen Teabird, the tart. Why dispense Peace, harmony or anything useful when tea is relatively free?

I leave in a few short hours, and am still freaking out, packing, and apparently worrying more about bringing books and such...just finished most of Kaia Sand's Dusie weebook, Lotto. I thought I would have several various
we/ebooks... but on the positive end, Kaia's look great...and it ain't so damn wee at 3.5/3.5" (inches folks)...I even typeset it! I am addicted to indesign...much to my suitcases worries. Anyhoo, I may not have enough socks or panties in England, but I'll have many books to bequester... ;)

for my reading pleasure I will be bringing, Jane Eyre, of course, and Mina's Lost Lunar Baedecker, of course... can't travel without one! She is one of those poets whom I can read and read and read and still discover... oh and many Cornstarch Figurine's!!!

better go, I haven't been in a English speaking land in 2.5 years or more!!! I am so beside meself...


Logan Ryan Smith said...

good luck, susana!

Logan Ryan Smith said...
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Jessica Smith said...

have fun! i'm sorry i haven't finished the little book for you yet :(

Hayes said...

Susana, some tea suggestions,

Breakfast tea with cream or milk...you can't go wrong.
Green, a gyokuro or Dragonwell.
Oolong, myself I go with a Formosan, but Tung Ting is great (floral and Apricots).
Darjeeling, Ambootia is biodiverse, organic, and makes a great first flush.

Heh, anyway you go, make sure to have a great time!

Logan Ryan Smith said...

breakfast suggestion to go with your breakfast tea:

thick cream with canned strawberries.

yes, canned.

they must be canned!



Jow Lindsay said...

wow I like this blog. does anyone know if there are any others.

DUSIE said...

jow! others? many! and yours?

Anonymous said...

Is tinned tintin x.