Of late I've received some nice poesy mail. Saturday two pieces from jessica. one of which was a great pack of wallpaper clippings! thanks jess! the second was my monthly 4Square, a subscription only limited edition which features 4 women poets each with their own 4/4 square space. this month has work by Michelle Detorie, Anne Boyer, Helen White &T.A. Noonan. In the case of 4Square, you snooze you lose, you might just have to track down a subscriptee to steal one of these beauts for your very own! Tho come next June, I think, Jessica will be upping the price a bit to be able to pay the artist who does a lot of collab work for her for the covers AND to make more! Yippee! I have loved every cover, which is a cloth envelope keeper of sorts.

ooh, and I also received some poesy mail from Markala CyGist Press, which has an impressive new release of 3 new chaps, one of which is FACE TIME and if you liked MY SPACESHIP, well you'll really love this little gem which comes complete with a built in mirrored cover and everything! I had planned on submitting, but well, never did and I must admit had a pang of, oh man! today!!!
Hmmmph! This is the pic I had imagined writing with, and damn, Maude would be disappointed. And so, the books went awalking with me throughout the hobbit village in which I presently call home, and read both chaps. Scott Glassman gets the official newly christened 'Dusie Award' for the coolest word of the day, and that would be 'womblet', kind of like a chicklet, but with more umph! I was really in awe, on several levels over Guillermo Parra's new Caracas Notebook with the simulated Mead style composition book cover. First off, haven't I read his poetry before? I'm not sure, but I will look for it in the future. I am always amazed when poets write amazingly in not only their first, but their second language! In fact, I was urged to look up words in spanish! Crazy, if you knew what it has taken out of my being to learn German! In fact, I hope to review this new chap for Galatea or for the Dusie blog, just so you know Mark! Thanks again& kudos to CYGIST and its lovely pressing state! GO HERE AND BUY SOME CHAPS: bloggers get a buck off each chap discount, or all four CyGIST books for 20 bucks and a free one thrown in if I read it right over at the diy blog.

Soon, for better or worse, I will be sending out my own MS. It is waiting some much appreciated feedback....As it is September poet-peeps, who else is sending out MS' this month and to where...ooooh, pray tell!


Mark said...

Glad you enjoyed the chapbooks Susana. It still amuses me that you get stuff faster than when I send to people in Brooklyn!

Jessica Smith said...

yes, face time is awesome.

my intention in raising the price for 4SQ is to be able to pay for it. :) it actually costs more than $1/copy to make. i was too generous. well, it won't happen again! later this fall there will be a special edition of 4sq available for non-subscribers (subscribers can buy it too if they want).