MaMa Ist Schon Da!

Listed, MaMa Ist Schon Da! is a new mixed-media collage, using various ephemera and clippings on an old print /vintage at that of a church in the city of Zurich, Switzerland. The birth-place of DaDa, I am a great fan of Mina Loy, I've even had dreams where her head is floating about, so I thought it fitting that she 'be' Mama/the bird/messenger of the idea of MaMa, perhaps this is a feminist answer to Dada? I am aware that DaDa means 'horse' in French, but it is often the first word uttered from babies and means well dada, papa, father, but many, mine included also say mama first...and well.

I have translated the German text I have written in pencil around the piece.

Mama ist schon da Mama is already there.
Sie war immer so. She always was.
Sie ist die Sonne, und She is the sun and
Sie ist der Mond. she is the moon.
Sie is ein vogel, den She is a bird, and
sie der vogel ist. she is the bird.
Wörter sind sie und She is words and
sie ist Wörter das wort. words are she, is, word.
Sie ist sie ist sie ist. She is she is she is.

This piece comes unframed, but could either be framed or hang without a frame, I will include hanging hooks.

*Also, this piece is not creased, I scanned the image, so any crease noticed in the center of the image is just in the image/scanner mid-section mark.

Please query via conversation or back channel if you have any additional questions.

The size of this piece is 12"/ 15 &1/2 "

This is up for sale at the etsy site, all proceeds of which go to feed, clothe and produce books for Dusie.

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