hone yr a t t e n t i o n s p a n!

Seeing that Dusie Press has only 'technically' been a paper press also, since it's debut in July, it is with much happiness that I report that several of Dusie's poets have caught the attention span theatre of others! jon leon's Tract, Rick Snyder's, Paper Poem, and Dana Ward& his New Couriers, all made the list.

Oh and I really want to read more of Lisa Robertson's work, esp after being incited by a comment on the silliman blog that Robertson is the Madonna for thinking girls! ha! love it!

in other news, if you ever send me anything please use stamps...I love stamps and always opt for stamps myself...so, I have been lifting the unmarked stamps of late, as it is just too damn difficult to get US stamps here...and I need them like, yesterday.

and in other chatter, go and purchase the new Fall edition of Rain Taxi! Noah Eli Gordan has reviewed Sawako Nakayasu's Insect Country (A) (Dusie) as well as my chap, To Stand to Sea, 2006 (The Tangent Press).

apparrently he received hundreds of chaps so it is really cool to be included!

Have been considering submitting to both a few contests as well as straight-up submissions to presses (which gratefully do not require fees) and mailing from Switzerland is not cheap, so that with contest fee and all other extras can cost 40 dollars! ouch! Some presses also require more than one manuscript. Anyone else sending out? Where?

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John Sakkis said...

viva la dusie. viva la noah!