Dusie's Hero of the Day...

Dusie plaudits!!!(klatsch klatsch klatsch!)

hopeful news soon on what this is all about!

oh and, I have always thought this is an owl...but according to one site someone claims it to be a spider? huh? I understand an owl being there, but what would a spider be doing? what do you think...?

NEW at the Atelier, anotherbirded bride
folks! and I shouldn't forget to mention phren-fraueither, she would be pissed. she's an angry little doll, isn't she? you too would be after just having a head sans body, clothes or even skin all these years!

And just in from London, at Oceanographer of O, Elizabeth Jameswrites about Betsy Fagin's, Rosemary Stretch, as well as a bit about the Dusie kollektiv project! Whoot whoot!


CLAY BANES said...

it's an owl.

Elise Tomlinson said...

Hey Subi,
I love your blog, especially the images etc. but sometimes I have no idea what you're talking about!


Hey, when will you send me that photo of you with the bird on your head?

DUSIE said...

thank you clay!!! i was completely flabbergasted about the 'spider' theory!!!

and elise, what do you mean????

oh, I will send pics those now!!!!

Logan Ryan Smith said...

i find it hard to contradict clay, but i'm pretty sure it's a spider...

but clay seems to know everything, so i guess i'll concede.

DUSIE said...

hmmm, maybe this is like east coast vs west coast poet wars? (i'm pretty sure Clay is from New England) ha! but, I have always maintained the owl thing, and find the spider theory a bit funny--