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Jenny Boully's <*one love affair>, recently out from, Tarpaulin Sky Press. I received this via the
GalateaRessurrects Site, a site which never fails to impress and impress and impress, honestly, I think editorEileen Tabios has the makings of a superhero! what can be said about Boully's book on first impression? Well, I have already read it! It is wonderful and due for another reading, and I will be doing a write-up for the next
Galatea Also, kudos to the editors of TSP, this is a gorgeous little book and has a beautiful layout and cover, there is also a handsewn addition, complete with author signature. available via the website.

Another in from Galatea Michelle Notebloom's, Edging from Cracked Slab Books, another first book of a press for 2006, others include the above mentioned Boully book from TSP, as well as Jessica's book, Organic Furniture Cellar from Outside Voices, and of course, Cornstarch Figurine, from Dusie! I have yet to read the Notebloom book, but it looks like it's sure to please.

Support one of these fine presses and buy a book today!

Lest we forget, I also received my Unprotected Text token from Eileen. VERY COOL!

In other happy receival news, one of the many fine editors of GAMMM, Marco Giovanele has once again outdone himself in way of sending me beautiful prints of art for the Dusie Atelier!the beauty of which is all to do with Marco's skills and not the fact it is from Scrawl,and To Stand to Sea, my chaps, but of course flattering the those works continue on in conversation with another poet, who also happens to be a visual artist.

Paul Klinger has also recently gifted a bunch of gorgeous letterpress prints, for Dusie to try and make a little money for the kitty. why does said kitty need money?

Ummmm, to make more bookbooks, friends! And honestly, I feel a bit fraudulent in pricing these worth gems, yet I need to...I have/need to had to give these lovely pieces, which I gurantee are steals! and which I will sign and write on the back of as well, and send to you, said purchaser as a postcard!

In other chapbook arrival news, Logan Ryan Smithgratiously sent me, several chaps, which include the new issue of Small Town, X,which I am quite pleased to be included in among such fab writers, go purchase a copy here. Also a copy of Larry Kearney's new chap, PASSION from /TRANSMISSION PRESS! I have a lot of great poetry to read now. Several of LRS' earlier works which frankly, rock, and the new work from Kearney, whom I only recently was turned on to via Bird Dog!which is yet another amazing amazing collection of poetry and poetics and yah, poets!!!

I think we poets need to make a pact! No more purchasing gifts and such from nonpoets or artists, well, unless it is absolutely necessary. Don't support the machine, let's support each other. There are so many fab new chapbook, and bookbook presses out there. Other poet bloggers, let's discuss this please! And, on an etsy note, it is amazing how many poets have opened shops in the short time Dusie's Atelier has been there (which is only a month old!) you can purchase chaps, bookbooks, and other unique things there. AND, a special for anyone hankering to buy the new bookbook of Elizabeth Treadwell, Cornstarch Figurine? Purchase a copy at the etsy site, or via the bookbook page and I will make you a bird-match-book complete with a miniature pencil, easily fits in your jean pocket and filled with inspiration, all gratis, for your quick poetic thoughts, notes, numbers, etc! (I figure if you've read this far surely you MUST be interested!!!)
Oh and,can we collectively say, LOVE? it took hours, really, but I successfully downloaded my first movie, FOR FREE, from this site. If you have a slow computer or bad connection, this site might stress you out too much, but I am so happy to have the German version of Harold and Maude!

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