the revolution has begun...

and for those who are timid, watch out!


A Projection of Frankensex by Allyssa Wolf

I haven't read either yet, but am caught up in the whole poetic revolution of sorts as a means to get ones work out. Not just hobby poets, but real, living modern poets who have books through standard/typical presses.

I do not fail to see the interesting dichotomy between cover choices between this real-life poetic pairing, but what disturbs me is that Leon's cover bothers me so much whereas Wolf's choice, is, without question, the more aesthetically pleasing cover, and Jon's is more likely taken out of a porn clip? Maybe not! So, why is it that two bald mannequins, naked with unrealistically symmetrical and perfect breasts seems not only okay, but a lovely cover, and Leon's more than realistic cover both in it's player's proportions and action is harder to take in say as mature and from a real-poetic thinker? I hope these texts play off one another, as the covers do, and their spontaneous arrival did in the new POD to pulp world.

As Leon recently stated in a list-serve email, 'Do you remember a time before Dusie?"

Dusie uses this wonderful thing called POD as wel! Come on by and give us all some support and star-power!

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Logan Ryan Smith said...

You know, when I saw Jon's cover I had a similiar reaction. I'm sure Jon's trying to make a point here about the reality of the thing, or the act, or whathaveyou. But it's my impression, too, that Jon's work is raw, edgy, seedy, bizarre and f'd up. Which is what a video still from a rather old porn elicits.

Wolf's cover is more athetically pleasing than Leon's, but that's because most of us don't find porn "pretty" and don't want to see it on the cover of books--especially poetry books, which is why, specifically, I think Leon's gone and done it. Wolf's cover just conjures up something all together different from Leon's cover--it has a futuristic aethetic to it, and more of a fantasy element, too, I think.