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translations into the Italian!

K. Silem Mohammad
Oliver Cadiot
Jean-Michel Espitallier
Rodrigo Toscano

what do I find especially interesting of the named & listed, btw all from Gherardo Bortolotti? Of the two of the four who I have actually heard of, both were published in Dusie! Things are really shaking in way of all things poetic in Italy, the site of GAMMM alone speaks volumes. Click on that link and read about dusie even, in Italian! Can't wait to read these volumes, especially those 2 authors, where I can certainly read the English, though it will be a treat to see the Italian concurrently!

in other news, I have opened an Etsy shop here from Dusie's Atelier thats right, Dusie has an atelier and is presently offering some goods to help and raise some money for the press....and yes, the kitty is low.

i have also added gammm's blog FLUX to the blogroll...check it out, marco has just posted new write-up featuring a Dusie writer, Jon Leon!

oh and last but not least, Tom has been hooking me up with some early Notley! click on his name here and read up on some great Notley blog entries--

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