I woke in a strange state this a.m. all soaked in sweat, feeling like I hadn't slept at all. Very strange dreams. One of which I was at some kind of poetry book festival/fair, where I ran into Tom Raworth, and he was talking to another poet, who then went on to chat about Dusie and as odd as it was to hear someone speak about the press in such positive terms to a established poet like Tom, well, it was really cool! Even though just a dream. We then proceeded to talk, and he suddenly jumped up on a chair and began writing on the blackboard behind him, doing some fantastical mathematical formulations and conjectures that somehow related poetic writings to the poets writing them to the probability of what magazines/ journals they would (with certainty) submit to. Fascinating, I tell ya. Then I dreamt that Rod, who I haven't seen since I was in DC, published a new book, I was actually looking at the proof copies and the cover looked good, and was a very light baby blue color and his author photo looked good too, tho he had let his mustache grow again and it surprised me to see it, he looks pretty distinguished either way, I must admit. These dreams are so vivid and real that I wake up and wonder which reality I am then in, for example at times thinking a poet has a book when I only dreamt of it and apparently named the said book (in my dream as it had a name). I also sometimes wonder if I did in fact correspond with certain poets, as in a dream? Last night Anny Ballardini sent me a nice note of intro. I then dreamt that I wrote Nada G., asking for poems for Dusie, to which she happily accepted, tho I still have yet to do it...

So much seems to be going on with Dusie, it's like her tattered wing empire is exploding! I've posted new things up at Etsy Dusie! I also spent yesterday afternoon at a local bröcki... read: thrift, and found some great things for new tattered bird packets, etc. A Persian family owns and works at the said bröcki, which is the old train station warehouse.Makeses for interesting business dealings, ultimately they gave in to me, my flakey, hmmm, I only have 40 dollars but NEED this...hum, haw, etc, can't decide, and all this in German! I have to go back today to get my bird books, which I found aplenty of...there are so many darling darling vintagchildren'sns books and books in general, but they cost. is it strange that I have such a hard time tearing these books apart?

Moon Weary is gone! It will be heading out to Ms. Tabios this a.m. thanks Eileen!

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