*hot off the presses*

SMALL TOWN, X ... the press out of San Francisco Logan Ryan Smith, esq.
Jess Mynes (western, ma)
Susana Gardner (switzerland)
Gina Myers (brooklyn)
K. Lorraine Graham (san diego)
Joseph S. Cooper (boulder/buffalo)
Suzanne Stein (oakland)
kathryn l. pringle (san francisco)
Sabrina Calle (north carolina/ nyc)
Joseph Massey (arcata)
Cynthia Sailers (alameda)
Maureen Thorson (dc)
Michael Farrell (australia)
kari edwards (india)
Mairead Byrne (providence, ri)

"This issue is 54 pages, staple bound, and has end papers! WOW! REALLY? END PAPERS?!! Yes, end papers. Different colors look good together, no? Yes. small town reminds you of the time before you knew what flourescents and pastels were."

go read his lovely expletive filled announcement! and btw, look at the breadth of writers and the locations from which they hail .... austraila, india, switzerland as well as all over the us of a! very cool. can't wait to get my copy!!!

also, Jessica Smith's ORGANIC FURNTIURE CELLAR is out! another book I can't wait to see! Congrats Jessica, read here to see what others have to say herecan't write more about the inside, yet! but I am really digging the title font! beautiful cover!

&surely not to be outshined!

less you forget, CORNSTARCH FIGURINE, Elizabeth Treadwell, Dusie Press, 2006 is just out as well!!!
Cornstarch Figurine, a new book of poems by Elizabeth Treadwell Dusie Press, 2006 ! $13.00 ! Support a new small press and purchase Dusie's first bookbook here!

already have the book? want to support Dusie Press and our dwindling kitty? Purchase something at the Atelier here & all made for the most part, apart from E's book, (tho partially as it's out with Dusie) by moi!

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