we are so and so and so so close!

I have been very deliquent on the micawber blog, but do not fear, I have been hard at work trying to get the latest issue of Dusie up and running. An issue of 41 chaps! With fabulous poets and a huge spectrum of poetry.

books just in :

Composition Marble, Joshua Corey Pavement Saw Press 2006

Estrella's Prophecies: III David Baratier, Luna Bizonte Prodz 2004

Boxer Rebellion, Sarah Mangold, g o n g, 2004

VI Fictions, Chris Pusateri, g o n g, 2004

Shifting Landscapes, Jessica Smith, above//ground press, 2006. (this was quite a good read, cannot wait to read her highly anticipated Organic Furniture Cellar!)

(all of these will be posted soon on the dusie.blogspot.com site and available for review! contact me for more info)

of late:

Continuations, Douglas Barbour and Sheila Murphy , University of Alberta Press 2006

oh and I have yet to thank the amazing Eileen Tabios for her amazing balikbayan box (my first !) filled with BOOKS!!

Ménage à trois With the 21st Century

all Marsh Hawk...
all look quite fabulous...

I also recently purchased Ernest Priego's Not Even Dogs, Meritage 2006 as well as Eileen's POST BLING BLING, Moria 2006(which I highly recommend)

I have just been so busy with the dusie press stuff that my next project will be to REALLY spend more time with these fab books, she seems like she has quite the range as well as prolific tendencies!

and also some other poets,

whither nonstopping, harriet zinnes, Marsh Hawk, 2005
natural defenses, Marsh Hawk, 2004
sunnylyn thibodeaux, 20/20 yielding, Blue Press, 2005 (this one I am definitely writing a review for)

oh and SYMBIOSIS by Barbara Guest+ (Kelsey St. Press) which is a bit older, can't remember year offhand, but this is another I just may do a write-up for...)

well, that and a possible eileen project... more to come on all that.

and, of course many fab dusie chaps....

in other publishing ventures, I was happily acquainted with a chap by Massimo Sanelli today. Sannelli is an Italian poet and translator, check out his echap, written in English no less... Pabula dura. 15 poems M. Sannelli [download; copertina] . He is also apart of the editorial board of the online poetics blog/space ::gammm if you haven't checked this site out you really should, because well it is impressive and very innovative and oh so interested to see where the rest of poetic world is up to (non-english). It never ceases to amaze me when I come across a really interesting and modern poet of real quality, ummm writing in English! I flounder in my daily German, I just wonder how these polyglots come to be...

and on the subject of all things :GAMMM ... I have also recently received Marco Giovenale's SUPERFICIE DELLA BATTAGLIA, which is a gorgeous montage of photos and poetry postcards...tho i doubt I will ever use the postcards, as they are too beautiful. I am awaiting the translation of these, well, because that intensive summer of Italian learning has apparently gone by the unfortunate happenings of life wayside...but I still dream of taking on Italian again some day.

more very very soon in way of all things : dusie : I will post when I put 'her' up! (I'm allowed to say she is most decidedly female, right?)

I want to add too that I received The Fruits of Labour, A Women's Press Paperback, 2001. From the Great Tommy TomTom of DC! Thanks Tom! You're a sweetie pie!

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