little poem : cheryl quimba :

: a poem : by cheryl quimba, is surely the tiniest *dusi/e-chap to date. it is darling and easily held in hand, the markings of this little chap illustrate that a diy book need not be elaborate or huge but it can still be pretty and have its own unique appeal and of course quality poetry. cloth-covered with a simple 2-stitch binding this little book put me in way of Angria as well as my own childhood bookmaking experiences. quimba's :little poem: will definitely adorn my shadowbox in its tiny glory. I was also pleased to find yet another chap created by thinking a bit 'outside the box'. such a small book certainly attests to the art and creativity as well in the bookarts. the :little poem: itself is like a micro-ballad --ecapsulating a moment where music surely is:

Into the welding room came crashing another heartbroken belted man, bearing a record of another man, but with no record player.

from cheryl quimba's little poem
* a dusi/e-chap, 2006

In such a tiny endeavor, the chap is roughly 1" by 2" and consists of 6 pages, the writing must be precise, no word in such a space can falter, and no word does. Such a small form captures such a small yet large momenture, and one so beautifully executed.


Amy said...

It's a very sweetly done and sweet-sized book. Quite lovely. I love the cloth cover. All matches the care taken within ...

andrew topel said...

dear susana,

hello, how are you? i am very interested in seeing some of the chapbooks you are creating, would you like to trade some chapbooks across the waters? i am breathing at:

andrew topel
1018 grove street apt. 17
jacksonville, il
united states

i can be reached through email at:


i hope this note finds you well and in the midst of a beautiful day, susana. take care.