so while I have been gone I have been doing something else that has kept me quite busy the last few weeks...creating my new chap for the Dusie Kollektiv project, which is an e-book/real self-made chap as well for those involved in the group project. It was great doing the side-seam stitching. Every single chap has a different cover, and all have handmade envelopes from the leftover 'mistakes'/scrap paper from printing mistakes, etc.

so, this all means that I can properly enjoy all the fab chaps I have RECEIVED as well!

My Dusie mail for today: Chris Rizzo's In the Quells. Very clean layout, can't wait to give it a closer look. More soon in way of mini-write-ups of these fab little books.


tmorange said...

where you been? didn't sneak back here to the states without givin is a visit here in dc didja?


DUSIE said...

hey tommy,-

oh I'm still here! I was just sewing my chaps! how i wish i could go and visit, i think i'm stranded in CH (Confoederatio Helvetica)...