: dusi/e-chap posts :

Beginning today I will start a daily posting in hopes to encourage discussion of the many chapbooks made for the dusi/e-chap book project. These are not reviews and are not meant to be read as such, though I hope to parcel my somewhat fragmented ideas and thoughts about all of these wonderful chaps here in a way which be beneficial as well as insightful. More importantly though I hope all those involved in the kollektiv project might take some time to come and stop by and leave a comment or even a line about the chap being discussed, thoughts, impressions, etc, or even just a hi, I received it! esp if private or list discussion hasn't taken place. This is also a good place for writers to ask questions, whether they be technical or creative, etc in way of the project or piece.

I have experienced many different thoughts and feelings during this project-- and especially toward the end of the month of May and now when many of us either just finished up our projects and mailed them or will soon--and the greatest achievement so far, I think is the remarkable sense of community and feeling of comradery in such a short period. That and all the lovely mail! I had forgotten how wonderful it was to get real mail and poetry no less! For me this time-based project was also impetus toward creating new poetry as well as thinking about writing in a totally different way...with the printing of which and binding in mind the entire process. I am so pleased with all of the beautiful and different little books I've received and see the manifestations of all of our interpretations in such an endeavor. Oh, and the soon e-publication very shortly as well!


Amy said...

I swear mine is finished -- and almost on it's way.

Yay for this new blog about the project! You go, Susana~

DUSIE said...

great Amy,
and thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to read your chap!!!