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I am happy to report two things: I have received my first package from Qatar! and the contents of which are a fabulous poetic montage poster by the poet Elizabeth Workman, a poet who Dusie first aquainted me with. if poets aren't rockstar/pin-up artists, well then this poster-chap surely is testament to the fact that we should be recognized as such! this is a gorgeous piece put together by Elizabeth Workman as well as the visual artist, Barbara Campbell and art&designer layout master, erik brandt.

I am impressed on so many levels, but the first of which I must admit is the design and visual aspect as well as poster size and layout, the vision of which is surely no-other but impressive and will soon adorn my livingroom walls!

many small histories mixed with a map-like cartography and documentation inform Elizabeth's poetry, spare but hauntingly beautiful.

I don't know too much about Elizabeth, but her expatria address and fabulous creation via the Dusie Chap projekt/kollektiv have surely acted as impetus, as well as daily reminder in its chosen display, in this way to keep an eye on her future work to come. The 'e' aspect of poetry today is amazing that we can all find each other and share our work together in this way. Digressing a bit from the central focus of this piece, but the web too acts like a kind of fulcrum or mapping, providing further space for interogation, discovery as well as pure excitement in the goings on of poetry today, a most decidely 'new victorian' era in way of correspondence and prolifergy of letter-mailing, no?


DUSIE said...

oh and Elizabeth or Barbara, if you're reading this which mountain is the image above from? it seems so familiar!

Logan Ryan Smith said...

you're right. this looks really beautiful. i can't wait to get my copy so that i can read it and have it adorn my walls.

Scott Glassman said...

i got mine yesterday. larger than life! slick poster art poem museum map chap. wonderful. can't wait to give it a careful reading