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Wow, I just had word today from Reb Livingston that she did a mini-review of my chapbook at the happy booker (http://thehappybooker.blogs.com/) under her Crucial Rooster column.

Dusie editor, Susana Gardner's chapbook to stand to sea (the tangent press, $5) reminds us to think twice about getting that tattoo of our lover's name:

"the sea you / dragged me in from the sea / you hauled me out of for / your very own // with the knotted net / at my waisted loosened the / useless hooks in my sides / unfastened you brushed off / the marshy stamen and / flotsam weed in / sweeps -- while I stood / speechless and stunned / I stood inarticulate and // dumb--wasted little sea wrack-- / soon brided flippant and blind--the rivers tidal / conference with the / Atlantic hissed my repressed and / strange dialectic"

I have a repressed and strange dialect too, but that not due to a failed love affair, but from growing up in Pittsburgh. R.L.

Soon, I too will be doing mini-write-ups of all the fab *dusi/e-chaps I receive this next month, I have already have received three...and those will be the first...(in order I receive them) Sheila Murphy's, Full Figured Rhapsody...Mark Lamoureaux's, Night Season, and Betsy Fagin's, Rosemary Stretch. All soon to come!


Elise Tomlinson said...

Congrats on the review, stand to sea really is wonderful!

DUSIE said...

thanks lisey, no chance your coming this summer???

Elise Tomlinson said...

No chance...for this summer anyway. I wish you'd write in your blog more often though...what's up with that?