: A Dusie Chapbook call/proposal for national poetry month :

Dear Dusie Poets & Friends,-

Issue four is fast approaching. And what better way to
to share our work with each other? Editing Dusie for
the last year has been a great joy/experience for me
and I would like to celebrate the one year
mark/anniversary alongside national poetry month with
all the Dusie poets, readers and friends. Again, thank
you all! Let's celebrate national poetry month

Here is my proposal: a dusieli<>kollektiv.

This year will be the first in what I hope to continue
on a yearly basis, every April.

You can publish older works or (hopefully) brand-new
pieces (created for this project/poetry month and
written in this time-frame).

this is open to interpretation...works can vary in length, anywhere from 5, 10
pages, to ? I am leaning more toward say 15-20 if you can manage it. more is
totally cool and fine, just remember that enough copies will be needed for all

Please email me by Friday, April 14th if you plan to participate.

The fourth issue will be online sometime in May, and
will consist entirely of these e-books. If you wish to
participate, you need to be certain that you are also
able to print and mail a real chapbook to all
participants (who I hope to have a list of by the end
of next week). I am open to all sorts of creative
endeavors, whether it be recycled postcard poetry,
handwritten chapbooks, wordless chapbook creations
(tho it should be wordless poetry ;), COLLABORATIONS
(joint effort/shared workload) and whatever else you
might come up with.

In this victorian age of email correspondance, it will
be a great poetic endeavor/ mailbag month of May/June
to receive all of these small chapbook creations far
and wide.

I, too, am hoping to participate, maybe I'll add the
requisite chocolate to my packages.

Deadline for actual work...May 15. That date is sort
of arbitrary. But, I would like to get the issue up by
the end of May. And the closer to April the better. I
will need the electronic version definitely by then,
though early-birds will make me happy.

What you need to do now. Email me, let me know if you
are going to participate, if you have an e-book ready
to go send me the pdf/ or word doc,-- make sure you have a
catching cover, as this will be a real-chapbook too. Of course
the real chaps can vary somewhat from the pdf/word (if
you can't do pdf) versions, but I would like to
preserve them as much as possible. If you plan to make
every one different, scan and use your ideal example
for the online journal.

I know there are a bunch of poets out there doing
daily poems for the month of April. This is the
perfect oportunity to <> (is that a verb?)
these works and share with a wider community in the form of
real/&e-chap books.

I will have the number of participants by the eve of
April 14th and will then share the number/addresses
with everyone after that time. You can always print a
higher number of chapbooks to give-out/sell or trade,
as long as you send everyone who partipates their copy
as well. I am asking that the dusielipresskollektiv
logo, which I will provide, will appear somewhere,
preferably centered on the flipside of the chap.

You may have noticed, that Dusie now has an ISSN
number with that and the possibility of creative
commons copyright as well.

Feel free to share this proposal with collegues/&poet
friends....if there is a huge response I can always
utilize more than one dusie issue for this purpose.

I hope to hear from many of you soon! The list is growing,
at 15 now I think it will be doubled by the deadline to sign up--

Take care, and happy poetry month!


Susana Gardner


K. Lorraine Graham said...

This is a great idea--count me in!

DUSIE said...

Oh good L., I was really hoping you'd do it!!! We have a great great (even better than ever expected on my part of participants!!! you included darlink!) please email me your snail mail to add to the list!!